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What is an URL Rotator?
Rotators allow you to show multiple URLs from just one rotator URL. You can add several websites to one rotator URL and then you can point all of the traffic you get from various sources to your one rotator URL, which will spread the traffic between your target sites.

How Exactly Does This Work?
All you do is enter all the different URLs you have and promote the rotator link. Your sites then rotate and a different one appears every time someone clicks on your rotator link. Each URL listed in the rotator will be shown in the order you choose. Every time your rotator URL is viewed it will show the next URL in the sequence. This is an ideal way of sending traffic to multiple MLM programs or affiliate sites at once.

Will My Rotators Generate and Direct Traffic or Convert traffic into Cash?
If you've been online for a while, you understand, that a rotator, like any other tool, it isn't worth a bucket of cyber-dots if your offers are junk or your headlines don't pull. Rotators won't make your ads get the click and they won't make bad sales copy convert visitors into buyers. Contrary to what some ads claim, rotators won't "Generate and Direct Traffic or Convert traffic into Cash."

How Can I Use This To Help My Own Team?
Use rotators to help your downline team advertise, run ad co-ops, rotate links on your website, or do split testing of your sales page using different headlines. If they're successful, you're successful. When you help them improve their results, everyone wins! ISORotator makes it easy to light a fire under them.

How Many Rotators Do I Get?
You can create as many rotators as you need. You will never be limited on the number of rotators you can create.

How Many URLs Can I Add to a Rotator? Add unlimited URLs into any of your rotators. Whether you are running an ad co-op with 10 URLs or advertising all of your 10,000-member downline teams' URLs, you can do this with ISORotator. You will not be limited on the number of URLs you can add to your rotators. Advertise one single rotator URL address to promote all of your websites.

Will Viewers Know I'm Using a Rotator?
No one will even know you're even using a rotator. Every URL in each rotator will be rotated smoothly and quickly in the order you choose. Whenever a rotator link is clicked on or a viewer's browser is refreshed a new URL will be shown.

Is This Hard To Set Up and Use?
You get the ease and convenience of point-and-click simplicity. Your rotators can be up in minutes. Just click a button whether you want to create a new rotator or view all your link stats. Easy to understand instructions are on every page and we are just a phone call or an email away if you ever have a question setting up your links.

How Can I Manage all My Rotators?
You get instant one click overview of all your rotators anytime you need in order to add, delete or edit your rotators. You have full control over your rotators at all times.

Can I Choose the Order My URLs are Shown?
Yes, you can prioritize how often each of your websites will be shown. You can have URLs shown in the order of creation or in the order of display priority on a scale of 1-5.

Can I Delete URLs from a Rotator?
Yes, you can instantly add or remove a rotator at anytime. You can also add or delete a specific URL within any rotator without any interruption to your links.

Can I Make a Rotator Inactive or Delete It If I No Longer Need It?
Yes, you can activate or inactivate an entire rotator or just specific URL addresses within a rotator without deleting them from your list. You can make a rotator or any URL temporarily inactive if you want to stop showing it but want to keep it for later use.

Can I Verify My URLs?
Yes, you can instantly verify your URLs for frame breakers or correctness with the click of a button. Frame Breakers are not allowed. Please note that Frame Breakers are banned on Traffic Exchanges also.

Do I Get Any Kind Of Statistics or Reports on My Rotators?
Yes, you can keep track of your advertising with live up-to-the-second statistics on all your rotators. You can view fully detailed reports on your total hits for each URL, see the busiest day, and also compare raw hits with unique hits to each link. You can also view the percentage of total hits for each URL along with the date and the IP address for each recorded hit. You can also clear your hits on any rotator at any time with the click of a button.

Where Do I Sign Up?
You can get started right now and have your first rotator set up in minutes!

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